The guy that none of the girls appreciate. He has a way of saying things to make you smile, and you can tell him anything. He'll go to great heights to keep his girl happy, and won't leave her side for the world. He's incredibly cute, tall, intelligent, patient, and the nicest guy you'll ever know, and he doesn't even know it. A Grady isn't afraid to dream with you, or let you decorate his head with daisies. He's able to look past your drama or complications because he really cares about you. He always says the perfect thing and knows exactly how to react. A Grady is the most amazing guy you'll ever meet. He'll never tire of you. Ever. You'll never find a player named Grady. However, they usually have low self-esteem, so make sure you let him know how amazing he is every day. Often times if you have a relationship with a Grady, you two will have a lot of things in common that you don't notice immediately, and even more that you will notice immediately, like favorite restaurants, beliefs, thoughts, movies, etc.
Person 1: I met the most amazing guy last night! First he took me to dinner at my favorite restaurant that nobody knows, then we went for a walk in the park, on the way to my place bought a tub of ice cream, and watched our favorite Jim Carrey movie, before staying up until 2 in the morning talking about dreams and the future!
Person 2: Sounds like a Grady!
by InlikewithGrady April 27, 2013
Term used for bitter self-loathing, though not emo, often used when describing delusional and psychotic individuals.
Man, Don't hang with him, he's proper grady!
by HebrideanContraceptive July 02, 2013
Similar to "Shady" however to be a Grady you must be a dishonest female, have at least one STD, be a gigantic slut, and most are usually fat. Grady's are the kind of girls that taught guys to want to double wrap their dicks.
Yo man, don't hook up with that broad, I heard she's a Grady...And anyway, she's fat!
by Jay-mann November 22, 2010
1. Someone who is both Grimy and Shady
Guy 1: Where the hell is my CD at?
Guy 2: I bet that grady mawfucka Ed took it!
by Black Stalli0n May 25, 2007
A person with a gigantic noggin.
Look at the Grady on that fat headed twat
by Captain Hunter October 19, 2004
Absconder/fugitive from the law. Average age is 33-37 years and can usually be found Riding Coat Tale at one’s parents home. Has known to possess homosexual tendencies and strong addiction to porn. Caution: One should never try to approach a Grady due to the fact that they are masters at gypsy hypnosis and owe money to past friends in amounts ranging from $150 to several thousand dollars.
Oh shit, don't let that guy in your home, he's likely to pull a Grady on you and charge thousands of dollars worth of porn to your cable bill.
by Paul February 02, 2005
A simpleton. Idiotic at best. Inbred moron.
You stupid Grady.
I hate you Grady.
by Dave December 14, 2004

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