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1. Any person or persons with greedy tendencies, taking all they can.
2. Not literally, but hands that are dirtied up with selfishness. i.e. hands that steal.
3. A person who cannot keep their hands off of something or someone has the "grabbing hands" - or has to have something in their hands at all times.
Examples of 1:"The higher ups are always the grabbing hands."
"The grabbing hands grab all they can only for themselves."

Example of 2: "Thieves always have a bad case of the grabbing hands and never know when to stop"

Examples of 3: "He got a little too carried away with his grabbing hands with me after I had asked him to stop countless times"

"She always has to have a grabbing hand on her phone, like it was glued to it"
by JewK September 13, 2012
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