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Graal Online is a giant ripoff of Zelda, at one time even referred to as "Zelda Online". Despite the fact that technology has come a long way, this 2D piece of shit (with servers that generally really lack in development ) is still enjoyed by many a lifeless, self-loathing drone. It is staffed for the most part by socially awkward dweebs who want to feel some sense of authority, as they don't feel in control of their own, REAL lives (I speak from experience). Due to the lack of development with quests and useful NPCs, it is basically a giant chatroom where people either troll or cyber one another. Yeah, you know you've done both.
"Yo, gurl, log on Graal Online and PM all ur frawndz 2 meet at tha church in TC 4 tha wedding. Owait, I dun hav enuff $$$ 2 marry. U pay & I'll pay u bak after I sell my lumber, k? Um...I cant log on. Can u axe a GP why I'm bant?!"

"Oh, they said it was for massing pictures of your genitalia again."

"OYA. LOL. XD Kthx."
by Confucius_Say March 09, 2012
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