An emphatic expression indicating empathy with another's misfortune.
Paul: Hey remember how I got that hamburger at McDonald's the other day that tasted like shit and then I had to go to the hospital.
Dave: Yeah.
Paul: Well, I just saw on channel 4 news at 5 that some junior high school cook had been shitting on the grill without anybody noticing.
Dave: Oooh. Gozar.
by Max Forbes and Helsinki Falcon December 07, 2006
Top Definition
To cum in Portuguese. To have fun in Spanish.
Adoro gozar na cara dela. "I love to cum on her face"
Me gusta bailar e gozar. "I like to dance and have fun"
by Allex August 28, 2007
A person who posts in an internet chatroom or blog, who, whether knowingly or innocently, brags about himself or his possessions. Usually refers to the expenditure casually so as to make it sound like the cost is no big deal to the poster.
A typical post by a Gozar:

"Hey, look what I picked up today"
insert pic of new 90 inch plasma TV
by CFOT August 18, 2006
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