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Slang for pussy in Brazilian Portuguese.
Deixa eu lamber sua xana?
"Let me lick your pussy?"
by Allex May 22, 2007
To cum in Portuguese. To have fun in Spanish.
Adoro gozar na cara dela. "I love to cum on her face"
Me gusta bailar e gozar. "I like to dance and have fun"
by Allex August 28, 2007
Camel toe pussy in Brazil.
Caralho, aquela menina tem o maior capu de fusca.
"Fuck, that girl has a huge camel toe"
by Allex May 22, 2007
Means "ready". Brazilian slang for a girl who goes to the club with a mini skirt with no underwear so several guys can pretend to be dancing with her, but they are actually fucking her pussy from behind. By the end of the night, she'd probably have 20-30 sexual partners whom's faces she didn't even see...
Todo mundo dancando... Agora, soh as preparadas...

"Everyone dancing... Now, just the girls that are ready to fuck..."
by allex May 22, 2007
A sexual act which occurs when a man stuffs a woman's vagina full of sand and then proceeds to have intercourse with her. Dusty Pirate's are obviously performed principally in coastal areas, and often include cinnamon lube to heighten the sensation for both parties.
Wow, Jim really layed into Ali with that Dusty Pirate last night on the beach
by Allex March 26, 2007

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