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In sociology and in political science, the noun gourgeoisie (Fr.: guʁ.ʒwa'zi | Eng.: /gʊərʒwɑːˈziː/) and the adjective gourgeois are terms that describe a historical range of physical-attractiveness or bio-psycho-perception (perceived physical appearance) classes. As such, in the Western world, since the late 18th century, the gourgeoisie describes a class "characterized by their ownership of natural beauty, aesthetics, and their related culture"; hence, the personal terms gourgeois (masculine) and gourgeoise (feminine) culturally identify the man or woman who is a member of the most beauteous class in Western societies.
It could never work, she's Gourgeoise and I'm just your average Broletariat.
by Cypian Katsupo July 16, 2012
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