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A guy who likes FF3 as the best (because it is!!!) and ... yeah.
Gourav likes FF3!!! What a cool guy...
by Justin Woods April 26, 2005
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A sexy woman playa and a hotshot. He is the best there can be!
Person 1: Hey man... That guys a PIMP
Person 2: Naww... He's GOURAV!
by Peter F. April 25, 2005
An elite pwnage rebel who pwns all Statcraft gamers... and that includes all of us!!! Believe me...
Man, You got PWNED by Gourav biznach!!!
by Jay Black April 25, 2005
A guy who loves chics like a madman. He is very insanely in love with all these hawt girls in my school! He can talk well with them... unlike me :(
Gourav, you gotta stop lovin these chics so much... go do something else!
by Michael S. April 25, 2005
A guy who really loves to eat cake (also biscuits and other sweets)
Quick lets eat the cakes before someone Gouravs them.
by paul1965max March 24, 2010

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