A hearty stew, which contains chunks of veal (though other kinds of meat can also be used, veal is prefered), and cut vegetables.
Good goulash is seasoned with a good amount of paprika, and tastes quite spicy.

Personally, I recommend eating it with either rice or fries.
"I think I'll have the goulash... what about you?"
by Lennart December 21, 2005
Top Definition
A sexual practice involving the insertion of human excrement into the anal cavity of another person
Edwin goulashed Mary all night long

"Good grief Marjory, that's some fine goulash"

"Didn't you hear we're not speaking? She wanted to perform goulash on me!"
by Goulash Crompton October 21, 2007
Inserting one person's excrement in another person's anus (pooper).
I heard Mike's mum does a mean Goulash.

I read somewhere Cindy Hope does a fantastic Goulash.

Brian Stimpson loves to Goulash.
by WillyInTheMouth January 12, 2011
A random mixture of miscellaneous food together, usually at school lunches.
I love to mix my school food together to make goulash
by 69 lol July 09, 2012
1. Nonsense 2. Bull Crap/Bull Sh*t 3. A lie
"This is the biggest goulash I have ever heard!"

While playing modern warfare - "That's GOULASH!"
by sweetcandysum November 16, 2010
One of the best homemade funeral dish/quickest meal possible.

Made with elbow macaroni, ground meat (browned with onion),whole tomatoes/diced tomatoes and a lot of care and love.

One of the best tasting, quickest meals ever made.
Great for all ages, especially college students, young children, and even babies!
Pete really makes a mean batch of goulash!

Wow, Daddy's goulash always tastes great!
by AEHill September 02, 2009
Once upon a time there was a pony who was gazing through a field of flowers. The farmer that happened to own this wonderful field of flowers was watching this pony. When he saw it eat a small kitten. It has been known as Goulash ever since.
by Andersquints January 19, 2009
Tenacious D and Dio make a good one.
"Your sauce will mix with ours
and we'll make a good goulash baby!"
by Gargatar September 17, 2008
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