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A gay man that is really arrogant and acts like a douchebag.
Chad and his pissing friends can be real gouchebags.
by avatarxl July 23, 2011
1. The saggy wrinkly skin around the area between your A-hole and your P-hole. Also know as nutsack and scrotum.
This area is usually infested with hair and other micro-organisms.

2. A Gucci Hand Bag
1. Usher's Gouche Bag hurts from walking too much.
2. That shemale has a Gouche Bag.
3. Kid wants to get Gouche Bagged.
by Gasoline Man April 01, 2005
A derogitory way to refer to ones or anothers ball sack, usually in the form of an insult or a threat.
You tipped over my bong, so im going to kick you square in the gouche bag
by 12 December 26, 2004
a derogitory term used much like Douche Bag oly the flap of skin between your asshole and genitals
You Fucking Gouche Bag
by Cameron March 21, 2004
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