A big fat hairy Goth freak, male or female. Usually found around other miserable semi suicidal losers. Mostly enjoying Marilyn Manson, Black painted fingernails and racoon eyes. A typical diet for theese creatures usually consists of Pez, cheap cigarettes, and coffee at a local Howard Johnson or IHOP. If found be extremely cautious!! CALL ANIMAL CONTROLL...
Dude I was at the zoo the other day and I think I saw a herd of GOTHOPOTAMUS in the food court, I could tell from the distinct markings of vomit and black makeup and a a hue of folgers crystals.
by Gothopotamus Hunter October 17, 2008
Top Definition
A fat chick/guy who thinks he/she's goth or hard core. Dyed black hair, black eyeliner, boots, black clothes/drapes, yards of fishnet, etc.
(Goth + Hippopotamus = Gothopotamus)

Picture a goth Chris Farley...
by Nikki Sixx August 24, 2004
A severely overweight goth girl.
I was so drunk last night I picked up a gothopotamus. This morning my dick was covered with black lipstick and my arms were sore from holding her folds apart so I could find a hole to nail.
by LearnedOne July 07, 2009
A Fat, Goth (or at least goth looking) Person.
Dude, be careful of the Gothopotamus, she might eat you.
by Mynameisthis January 20, 2009
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