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4 definitions by LearnedOne

A severely overweight goth girl.
I was so drunk last night I picked up a gothopotamus. This morning my dick was covered with black lipstick and my arms were sore from holding her folds apart so I could find a hole to nail.
by LearnedOne July 07, 2009
Profile photos on Facebook or any other social networking site in which a woman prominently features her cleavage.
You: Wow, look at Henrietta's Facebook pic. Could she show any more cleavage?

Me: I thought she was a nice girl. What's with the digital divide?

You: Maybe we should tell her mom...

Me: Are you kidding? Have you seen her fuzzy logic on MySpace?
by LearnedOne August 14, 2009
Profile pictures on MySpace or other social networking sites in which a woman (or man, these days) wears pants that are cut so low you can see his or her pubes.
You: Wow, have you seen Henrietta's mom's MySpace pic? She's a little old to be wearing jeans that low.

Me: Yeah, you can see her pubes in that fuzzy logic, dude.

You: I wish Henrietta would post a fuzzy logic for her Facebook photo.

Me: Yeah, but I kind of like the digital divide she posted. I'm a tit guy when it comes right down to it.

You: Yeah, I'd take digital divide over fuzzy logic any day.
by LearnedOne August 14, 2009
The sexual act of repeatedly ramming your fist in and out of your partner's sphincter, pulling it out without notice and quickly backhanding him/her across the back of the head with your shit smeared hand.
He pushed her down on all fours and proceeded to ram his fist in and out of her sphincter.

"Make. Me. Feel. Like. A. Dirty. Girl," she said.

Then he pulled his fist out of her sphincter without notice and quickly gave her a backhand across the back of the head.

"There, now you're a dirty girl," he said, referring to the shit that had wiped off of his hand and onto her hair during the sexual act of fisticuffs.
by LearnedOne July 07, 2009