a person that wishes to wear black, these people arnt sad or pethetic just willing to be different and like to stand out. they are ususally quite funny people. but you do get some sad pethetic attention seekers that go around slitting their wrist and pretending to be depressed
oh look there goes kaighley crocker with dan mead fucking little posers
by Morbid Angel November 26, 2004
In relation to goth, gothic is a form of sterotype to the people who:
- wear black or victorian style, colorful mixed with black, or anything that may seem "dark"
- wear black eyeliner and like dramatic effects on their eyes (sometimes entire face)
- may have black hair, but a lot have other colors
- like music such as gothic music, death meta and dark metal....some bands may include the cure, sisters of mercy, and bauhaus
- typically wear black nailpolish supposably, but many wear bright colors
Basically people call other people gothic or goths because they wear black but not all do. It is a stereotype, and people think "gothic" people worship the devil, other gods, or are atheist or agnostic, or are wiccan. Those are religions, not all of these people worship those. I, being called a goth many times... believe that it's not right to call people this or any other name because they do not wear pink most of the time. Black is just a color, and some of us like it. I wear black and overall I'm a pretty friendly person to most people. I am not "gothic", but have been called this many times and it's not a nice thing to say. It's a stereotype that people use who know absolutely nothing about this. Not everyone who wears black or listens to certain music is suicidal or anything of the sort. Get over it, and get a life, stop making fun of people for being who they are if you don't like so called gothic people.
Gothic is a stereotype for people who wear black.
What people don't know is that people who are so called gothic don't always wear black.
by xjanellx August 15, 2006
Gothic: Gothic people are emotional, weird masses with an unintelligent fanatic towards what they within themselves consider art. Many Gothic humans already might be pale or having a terrible time so decide to be concired gothic since they match the definition. Before somebody is Gothic they are usually just troubled and usually still are after being Gothic. Gothic people have all the same issues as everybody else but choose to be Gothic for some mysterious reason.

A lot of these Gothic people exist.
They are generally harmless.
by Accasionally May 15, 2010
gothic is not wearing black, or painting your nails black, gothic is not shopping at hot topic, gothic is not listening to good charlotte or other rock or metal, gothic was a time era or language....
"im gothic because i wear black and shop at hot topic and paint my nails black and listen to good charlotte"- chick at my school.....NOT GOTHIC
by sam February 11, 2004
People who think they have no purpose on earth(which they dont) and act all depresseed cause their daddy used to touch them in bad places when they were young. They wear all black and all kinds of make up, cut their wrists and hope to die.
Gothic Twilight people that wear all black!!!!
by Jolisa Jackson November 29, 2009
its what people think you are for painting your nails black and wearing black
question: Are you gothic!? response: i don't, know are you an idiot? wait i can answer that. yes!
by avril lavinge December 19, 2007
i am tired of stuped ass shit a person whom is gothic just knows of the love within death not this steryotype bull
gothics - multiple goth type people
by evan pozder December 28, 2008
A person who is gothic is one who enjoys the idea of death, blood, gore, etc., being a larger part of their life. Personally, true gothic people are caring, understanding, and usually outcasts. The reason this is is not just because of their all black clothing (which is only the case for a vast majority of them, while some do not wear all black), but also it is due to their beliefs being either against the mainstream, or some other bullshit reason.

Gothic people tend to be legitimate, hard working indivuals.... who would have guessed?! (hard sarcasm). These people who are usually self proclaimed gothics tend to be the occultists, which is the stereotype the "general public" has made for this word. Those people are typically satanists (those who worship the devil, and commit crimes in their worship, not following the true satanic religion set by Anton Lavey). These people often tend to be rude, or otherwise ignorant, people. This again is the common stereotype.

The gothic community (yes there is such a thing) sees these people as fakes, or people trying to fit in. This is most likely the case, and should therefore be reestablished to a more prominent word... maybe ass holes, or suicidal bitches. When a person is truly gothic, that individual most commonly is a practicing pagan, wiccan, TRUE SATANIST, or other occult of appropriate fitting. Remember, occultists are not devil worshippers.

Another thing to know of this, gothic people are people who stray away from the majority due to their belief of heavy individuality. They do not like to blend in; rather, they like to stand out and be noticed for their uniqueness. They are not trying to "get attention" so they can be attention whores. Gothic people are attention getters because they are strictly unique.
The gothic community was accepting of us when we attended a mass event with some friends.

I really enjoy my gothic friends, they are very understanding of what I believe and back me up. They sometimes help me question things I never thought about before.

It's incredible that gothic people really aren't that bad. They aren't ass holes like I thought.
by O-9 AF1 February 21, 2009
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