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Great compositions classical, metal and dark wave bundled together in an epic whole!
They started as a darkwave Gothic group with dark (and awesome!) albums such as Angst but then became more symphonic as years rolled on (still awesome actually awesomer), also adding elements of metal...
The best band around, all genres mixed.
Person 1: Lacrimosa are -
Person 2: You said Lacrimosa? Wow you are awesome.
by Dyktse July 07, 2011
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Lacrimosa is a musical duo led by the german Tilo Wolff, and Anne Nurmi. They are currently based in Switzerland, but originally from Finland. In 1993 when the band began, their genre was darkwave or gothic. Since then it has evolved into symphonic metal and gothic metal mixed into their original style.Their current musical style mixes Gothic rock and heavy metal along with violin, trumpet and more classical instruments. Lacrimosa's lyrics are written almost exclusively in German, but there are a few songs in English and sometimes Finnish is mixed in. Their lyrics are mainly about loneliness, sadness, darkness, despair and love.
Person 1: Hey man I'm going to see Lacrimosa today!

Person 2: Wow! I'm jealous!
by Jinx Whispers April 13, 2009

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