Of or referring to tribal goths of iron age eastern europe and western asia. I.e. Visigoths, Ostrogoths, Gutans, Gota, Gotas, etc. etc.
A form of architecture, not agriculture, typified by flying butresses to support high vaulted ceilings. A light open Nave surrounded by large stained glass windows to allow light in. The main impression intended to be "God is bigger than you."
A trendy subculture of emotional teens. Typified by wearing black and red, listening to Industrial rock(Which is fine), complaining about everyone else conforming... ahem, and appropriating the wrong fucking term for themselves!!!
That roving band of barbarians must've been gothic.
Notre Dame(Our lady) is a gothic cathedral.
Denny's after midnight is overrun by roving bands of Goths.
by Frank Zappatista May 03, 2007
Describes kids/teens who dress mostly in black and hang out with each other. They like Slipknot and dislike the rest of society.

Before someone whines: this is the stereotype, which is exactly what anyone who didn't already know 'gothic' would want to know. What's up with this art / architecture crap? If someone wants to know the proper definition of 'gothic,' dictionary.com and wikipedia are a click away. This is Urban Dictionary - for pop culture, slang, and stereotypes.
Look at those clothes! They are so creepy and gothic.
by Jake Towers June 06, 2007
-a person who preps hate
-They dress how they feel like dressing
-They are cooler than preps ((by my opinion))
-gothic people are actually fun to hang out with
-gothic guys can be more sensative than they appear to be
-they are usually judged on how they look
-i think criss angel is gothic or somewhat. but who cares?? hes a cool person, he does magic tricks better than anyone else, and he is extermly good-looking.. oh and not to forget. he has his own show called "MINDFREAK" its awesome!
-i dont think criss angel has much to do with this!! :)
prep girl- OMG like look at that gothic girl!
2nd prep girl- yeah,like she must be like a bad person
gothic girl- fuck you.
prep girl-OMG whatever!!
2nd prep girl- ewwww like she is so mean
prep girl- yeah, i like know
gothic girl-*looks at the stupid preps*
both prep girls-*glance at the gothic girl and then walk quickly away as they grab their cell phones and call jared and rupbert, the boys who tie their yellow sweaters around their necks and wear short shorts and polos*
by xanotherxgirlxwhoxhatesxyoux July 12, 2006
a person that wishes to wear black, these people arnt sad or pethetic just willing to be different and like to stand out. they are ususally quite funny people. but you do get some sad pethetic attention seekers that go around slitting their wrist and pretending to be depressed
oh look there goes kaighley crocker with dan mead fucking little posers
by Morbid Angel November 26, 2004
A person that has given up on life. Wears only black, presumably to complement the color of their soul. Usually wears makeup only so everybody will avoid them and they can be alone. Gothic people are also scary looking.
Gothic dress is generally characterized as extremely baggy pants inexplicably with non-funcional zippers on the seams, any thing black, also with non-functional zippers, and anything to be found at Hot Topic
The gothic kids are always scary.
by Pig Child March 06, 2008
Gothic is dressing in black to look like a freak. But not knowing why the image is called Gothic
"If I wear black boots and purple make-up I'll be Gothic, And be unique like every other freak"
by Mr Toad January 10, 2008
1-The real defonition of gotic is:
of, relating to, or having the characteristics of a style of architecture developed in northern France and spreading through western Europe from the middle of the 12th century to the early 16th century that is characterized by the converging of weights and strains at isolated points upon slender vertical piers and counterbalancing buttresses and by pointed arches and vaulting;
2- A time period involved with midivila times.
3-Gothic is often mistaken for a person that asociates themselves with darkness by wearing black, painting there nails balck, dying there hair, creative colors. In realty, these "gothics" are normal, they just dislike being the same or "following the crowd" so they separte themselves by being different.
3-Susan, oh my lord susan dear, get little george away from the man in black, he might put a curse on our little angle, come on susan before the gothic does somthing.

Taylor, look at that gothic girl that just came out of hot topic, like she had on all black, and did you see her nails, like she so needs a pedicure.
by none February 27, 2005
An old type of architecture, admired by Goths and crones.
Have you ever sat on a piece of Gothic architecture for 1000 years? Really gets right up your ass, you know.
by Bastardized Bottomburp June 13, 2003

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