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The Gorkon is a very snazzy male who decided to team up with swinsheta (refer to swinsheta for discription) and move to the apes side. The Gorkon usually attracts women but never makes any moves because of his love for the Swinsheta, that she will never actually find. Since the Gorkon is very good looking and very well at compitions he will become leader of the human slaves when the apes take over. The Gorkon also had his own line of boxer briefs, wich he started after he quit his job at calvin klein because he felt too hot, compared to the other models. He also playes for the NFL and has his own tyke football team for charity. not to mentions the Gorkon is hung like a horse but still has no family because he is saving himslef for when his love Swinsheta relizes that she loves him too and they will create offsprings with the powers of greak gods as to the Gorkon's father it Ares.
we will all hale Gorkon one day when the apes rule the world.

by swinshetaaa December 27, 2010
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