On point, hot, beautiful, handsome. Something Will Hogan is not.
Gorgeous is not something to describe @LukeWillWalker
by darthk41 July 14, 2014
Beauty beyond measure
Haley is absolutely gorgeous =)
by PrinceCR October 02, 2009
Gorgeous is a beautiful girl that I met at my door, she makes me laugh and she knows how to smile. When you're not with her you miss her like the sun misses the moon. Because she is your beautiful princess
Lauren camp, how are you so gorgeous?
by joetizzle100 March 01, 2015
Your spelling of goregous is incorrect. It is e not I. Please adjust and correct so people will know the correct spelling according to Websters Dictionary.
Gorgeous not gorgious.
by Moose muffin September 10, 2012
A term used to describe the famous Austin Philips, as well as abs
Swimmer; Wow, did you see that gorgeous boy? He looks like an Austin Philips with those abs!
by ChristoferDrew* May 29, 2011
Nethaniel's everything(:
Nethaniel is a gorgeous boy(:
by This is not Izzy(: December 30, 2011
a fine girl with a perfect rack
Kiaya is fine!! I think she is gorgeous!!
by KiayasBooBear June 21, 2011
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