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A gorff is the act of air coming out the penis, after sexual intercourse has taken place.
after we had sex, i laid on my back and gorffed.

it feels super good to gorff after sex.
by Dolphin Tucker September 04, 2010
When a girl is giving you a blow job and she takes it to deep in her throat and makes a Gorffing noise.
That girl sucked my dick so deep she Gorff and slurp until i came

she is a Gorff queen
by Muff dive September 16, 2009
n. Play on name "Geoff," the dumb way of spelling the name "Jeff."

v. To perform awkward anal sex.
I'll give her a gorffing she'll never forget.

Come along, Gorff!
by Lobo the hobo March 20, 2005
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