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the most intense, brutal, ear rapey genre of music out there. seriously
my mom was so pissed after i shit the floor listening to gorestep
by wildcardDub February 28, 2011
32 11
Metal meets dubstep.
Filthy dubstep beats and metal= Gorestep.
by Bass face February 19, 2010
34 16
The culmination of rap and dubstep, brought on by the musician; Borgore. Hence the phrase, "Borgore Killed Dubstep"
Mitch: Hey let's go listen to gorestep!
Jarrett: You mean... dubstep?
Mitch: No I mean gorestep you fucker. God damn, you know I fucking hate being corrected
Jarrett: I'm sorry... let's go listen?
Mitch: Fuck you, you aren't invited anymore.
by Me and Mr. Split December 30, 2011
12 11