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Gorescene is a small, off-shoot genre that includes influences from a variety of other genres ranging from hip-hop and electronica, all the way to grindcore, hardcore and metal.

Its most notable features are grindcore/electronica musical acts, beats and the like.

Usually the vocals are heavily pitch-corrected, along with brutal high and low screams which includes inhales, exhales and anything imaginable. It's all about creativity mixed with brutality!

The lyrical content is considerably the most important part in deciding whether a song is "gorescene" or not. The content usually includes extremely violent lyrics, overtly sexual themes and anything generally considered offensive by the public majority.

It's necessary to note that although extreme violence and overtly sexual themes are what make gorescene what it is, the two subjects are rarely mixed.

This means there are very few to no songs about killing then fucking, or vice versa, the two subjects usually "receive their own song" thus they aren't commonly mixed.

(However the genre is about offense, creativity and brutality so one could never be sure!)

Check out some example artists on myspace, such as DotKong or WakenCatalyst
I like overlty sexual themes. I like extreme violence. Therefore I am gorescene.

Gorescene is a fun genre!

Some consider the grindcore electronica artist "Dot Kong" to be gorescene.

Gorescene combines the hip-hop, grindcore, electronica, and hardcore elements into one, easy-to-use word!
by gorescenexx November 10, 2009
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