1. blood
2. al gore
3. martin gore
martin gore is one of the best songwriters and singers ever.
To recieve great pain by anouther individual intentionally.
Did you see that? He jus got GORED!
by Collateral September 25, 2005
A unit of carbon footprint measurement equivalent to 15 times the monthly US median carbon footprint.

Standard prefixes apply; kiloGore, milliGore, megaGore, etc.
1. Hey dude, that BBQ you doing is probably worth a kiloGore. You will be paying carbon footprint credits for the rest of your life!
by Zorzal Gardel March 25, 2008
gore as in gorey movies and music
that movie was to gorey for me
by Rayne September 07, 2004
Used as a prefix to describe an exceptional weather event thought to be caused by global warming: Gore-weather, Gore-warmth, Gore-cold, Gore-melt, Gore-storm, Gore-rain, Gore-snow, etc.
The weatherman predicted Gore-humidity for the inland regions of the coastal state.
by M. Martel October 23, 2007
Thick red liquid which gushes forth from any animal that breaths oxygen, when it's limbs are chopped off.
The psychopath chopped off his dog's legs and the animal crawled around leaving a thick trail of gore behind until it ran out and died.
by Corpse-Launcher March 31, 2004
Invertor of the internet.
Al Gore is a friggen genious for inventing the internet.
by Luke Perry II October 06, 2005

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