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A gore name is typically of emo and/or scene use. According to Wikipedia article "Scene (style)", on MySpace, a scene kid will usually have what is called a "Gore Name" which is one's first name with the second name replaced with a word starting with the same letter as the first. For example, the name Alex could have the gore name Alex Atrophy, or the name Rachael could be represented by the gore name Rachael Rapture. The second name is usually a word depicting either a negative or depressing definition. One of the most common gore names end with the word "Gore" itself, Gabriel Gore. Some are even improperly spelled to ensure the use of a gore name, Kale Kaos rather than Chaos.
Here are some common Gore Names:

Alex Atrophy
Rachael Rapture
Gabriel Gore
Kale Kaos
by Kale R. March 08, 2008
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