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Gopher Boy is the pooner child of Ben leonard, Itchy and a goat or an unemployed music untalent Jack michealson and a lama. This strange creature has a golden singing voice, is well hung, incredibly small and has buck teeth.
hay how are you gopher boy.
by Keeper of the family tree September 09, 2004

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Joel Koop.
joel koop wears long shirts, often. What a Gopher Boy!
by Tahler February 10, 2009
1.The young lad in the office thats made to go for everything.

2.A strange humanoid being of half man and half gopher.

Also see gopher and boy
Oh and Weebl although that has nothing to do with it.
1. get gopherboy to get the tea. He can't do anything else.

2. Arghh it's the gopherboy! Actually he's rather sexually arousing
by gopherboy January 14, 2004