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When her gut sticks out further than her hooters!
the group of trashy ladies came walking down the street in their tight shirts and low pants highlighting their Gooters!
by hsilived September 27, 2010
When an old woman's hooters meet her gut. A spinoff of gunt. Sometimes gooters are tucked into the woman's pants at a feeble attempt to conceal them, this only makes matters worse.
Old Drunk Woman: Hey there young man, do you have a cigarette I can have?

Me: No I sure don't. But can you take a couple steps back, your gooters are dangling dangerously close to my nachos
by johnny5ive August 16, 2011
Abbreviation for a granny scooter. An old person's mobility scooter.
Look at that bitch fly on her gooter!
by tomtomh123 December 03, 2008
Someone who is a big fan of Alex Goot
Guy 1: "Do you like Alex Goot?"
Guy 2: "Dood, I love Alex Goot!"
Guy 1: "Ohhh, you Gooter!"
by Zachabree July 28, 2012
Stands for gay scooter and is used to refer to 2 men riding on the same scooter...found very predominantly in South Florida.
If you go to South beach there is a gooter on every corner.
by Johnny Tats April 30, 2008
A combination of the words goo and the slang term: cooter (referring to a woman's vagina).
A descriptive word describing the state of a woman's labia after a male ejaculates on them and they begin to stick together.
Kelly had a very drippy gooter after Chris was finished with her.
by BLAM!!!!! May 31, 2009
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