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1) Goosht is used to describe something that is good or a good feeling (adjective)
2) Goosht is also used as doing something fun or something that is amazing (verb)
3) The third form of Goosht means meat in Farsi (noun)
Ex. 1:
Bob: Hey Joe, what's up?
Joe: I was just elected class president, I'm feeling so goosht!
Bob: Oh man! That is goosht, let's go celebrate!

Ex. 2:

Aaron: Happy Birthday Sam!
Sam: Thanks Aaron! We're going to a club tonight for drinks, want to come?
Aaron: Yeah man, we are going to goosht it tonight!

Ex. 3:
Jim: Dad, can we have goosht for dinner?
Dad: Yes son, you need to put some meat on your bones! Goosht is a great idea for tonight's dinner!
by dshwizzle December 11, 2013
Farsi word,means meat.In urban language means pretty young woman.
Hey javad,who's that girl? Isn't she Mali? She's such a goosht.
by Mamrez Erfani April 30, 2008
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