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When someone jizzes in your eye, causing one eye to shut while the other remains open. Also known as the goosy-eye.
Designated by this emoticon: -_O
Daaaaang, look at Christy, she can't even open her left eye. He must have given her a mean goose-eye last night.
by Self-lovin' December 14, 2009

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The hole(eye) in the top of the slender neck of a mans penis...
Check out that goose eye

Your goose eye just winked at me

Don't make me poke you in the goose eye
by death earneck August 21, 2010
An organism with large or bulging eyes. Possibly induced by crack use of the mother. They tend to be very aggressive tward Asians, and vise versa.

More commonly used as a nick name for Nick and Siri, but can also be used as an insult.
Hey Goose Eye, sup?

You fuckin Goose Eye.

Haha lookit the silly Goosey Eye!
by Nick April 01, 2005