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One who initiates the act of pushing the head forward upon high intoxication before regurgitating. This action resembles a goose waddling.
Franco drank too much beer, before throwing up he began goose necking when he ran to the toilet.
by Apple 3.14 January 12, 2009
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Slowing down to look at accidents, tragedies, crime scenes, etc. Aka rubber necking
Stop goose necking, you're slowing down traffic.
by smmatthew January 15, 2009
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This is what happens when you love an item sooo much you just want to fuck it. You hold it in your hand while your jacking off so that your essentially fucking your hand and the item at the same time.
I'm sorry I couldn't come to the phone I was goosenecking my playstation

I walked in and that son of a bitch was goosenecking my iPhone
by Lascivious January 05, 2011
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The movement one's head makes while pleasuring a male partner.
The side to side, up and down oral sex moves, that mimic the actions of a goose. Hince, Goosenecking
by Nick Russell September 11, 2005
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when you are half asleep and you begin to nod off, your neck attempts to hold your head up but your head just flops around.
Look at Jon hes goosenecking it again!
by jojo on the go go March 13, 2012
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