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The result of stripping a slice of pizza of its delicious cheese.
Weirdo: I don't like cheese, I'm gonna scrape it all off of my slice.

Normal Human Being: Why didn't you just get bread and sauce.

Weirdo: I like sauce bread.
by RoastBeastMakesForAGoodFeast February 05, 2012
The act of extending and shifting the neck back and forth to the rhythm of music.
Bob: Hey, why is that guitarist extending and shifting his neck like that?

Rob: Oh, you mean Allen? He expresses his inner gooseliness through means of the Goose Neck.

Bob: What?
by RoastBeastMakesForAGoodFeast February 05, 2012
Another name for a mall cop or a rent-a-cop. They are about as intimidating as Mickey Mouse would be in a uniform.
Mickey Mouse Cop 1: Hey Bob, look at that man stealing all of that merchandise from the electronics store!

Mickey Mouse Cop 2: Stop with that bullshit Jim, I see TEENAGERS congregating over there.

by RoastBeastMakesForAGoodFeast February 05, 2012
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