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You've probably never heard of it.

Like Pig Latin, Goose Latin is a generically juvenile code language that nobody can figure out. Here's how to speak it.

For example, you take the word: CITY. Separate the syllables.

CI-TY. Add these new syllables: LA-FI, or LI-FA, whatever sounds better, in between CI-TY, In that order. Thus, CILAFITY. (Pronounced: Sill-Uh-Fit-ee)
Thelafa calafat crolafossed thelefa streelafeet, andlafand thelen clilafimbed alafa treelafee. (The cat crossed the street, and then climbed a tree.)

Harrison: Dude, Goose Latin is for pussies.

Little Willy: GOOSE LATIN IS NOT FOR PUSSIES! IT"S COOL!!!! (Mumbling: 'Harlafarrison islafis alafa gaylafay asslafasshole.)
by Spatchmo July 23, 2009

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