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A tasty alcoholic drink combining the subtle flavours of goon (insanely cheap cask wine) and tang (space age orange flavoured cordial concentrate power). A cheap and easy way to get yourself competely trashed.
person A : "Hey dude, what are you drinkin' tonight?"
person B : "Goontang!!"
person A : "wow - i never knew you were cool...!"
by NeeqWM May 26, 2005
Goontang - Alcoholic mixed beverage
A highly sophisticated cocktail made by adding a small portion of Orange Tang to Cask Wine.
1 part Tang
2 part Goon
Served in 425ml beer glass
1 part Goon
2 part Gin
Small about of Tang for flavour
Served in Martini cocktail glass

Use Goontang to get some Poontang
by Skreech November 09, 2006
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