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A 'goonami' occurs when a goonsack is burst, spilling the precious alcohol everywhere.

The term originated in Australia.
Sack bursts on ground (usually on grass or uneven concrete).
People surrounding the sack start shouting goonami, and then get the breaker to buy another.
by Macquarie u waterpolo October 10, 2010
12 1
(Modified from Tsunami)
To ejaculate mass quantities of semem.
Man, it had been so long since I was laid. I blasted her with a goonami!
by Engrey November 03, 2006
13 4
The tsunami Google is trying to create with their roll out of 'Emerald Sea' - their latest attempt at a social network
'So do you reckon the Goonami will succeed?'
'Depends on whether I can import my contacts from facebook. Otherwise, who can be bothered?"
by Grisbit July 03, 2011
0 0
An enormous thug or tough guy.
"Wow! He be like up-in-evybody-face so mean and like a goonami gon-wild!"
by Donna Jean Miller February 18, 2005
4 12