Goolash v. To ooze every possible bodily fluid on a partner during/after the act of procreation. Note: women are unable to perform a successful Goolash.
Girl: Please goolash on me. Guy: Working on it.

Dude I goolashed the fuck out of that slut last night!
by goolashmaster July 29, 2009
Top Definition
Also known as 'the female grundle.' The space between the vagina and a-hole. Another word for "gouch."
"Damn boy what do you want goolash!"
by DiRt NasTyy November 14, 2011
The act of letting someone dump on you then lick it off.

Also know as 'a spencer'.
She wants to goolash you.


She did a spencer on him.
by Si1982 April 14, 2008
goolash n.- the stuff you get when you throw up on sloppy joe.
i fed my family goolash last night.
by hammycane January 18, 2006
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