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The act of letting someone dump on you then lick it off.

Also know as 'a spencer'.
She wants to goolash you.


She did a spencer on him.
by Si1982 April 14, 2008
Also known as 'the female grundle.' The space between the vagina and a-hole. Another word for "gouch."
"Damn boy what do you want goolash!"
by DiRt NasTyy November 14, 2011
Goolash v. To ooze every possible bodily fluid on a partner during/after the act of procreation. Note: women are unable to perform a successful Goolash.
Girl: Please goolash on me. Guy: Working on it.

Dude I goolashed the fuck out of that slut last night!
by goolashmaster July 29, 2009
goolash n.- the stuff you get when you throw up on sloppy joe.
i fed my family goolash last night.
by hammycane January 18, 2006