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Teenage boy who cannot get an erection due to upsetting circumstances previously, no matter how sexually attractive the female is.
Person 1:You're such a goog, you couldnt even get hard.
Person 2:Hey its not my fault, she was crying before we tried.
Person 1:I dont care if she was crying or not, shes really hot.
Person 2:screw you
Person 1:To bad you couldnt get hard to do so
Person 2:Whatever
Person 1:Goog.
by Trippie420Hippie December 09, 2009
40 32
An egg. Also 'googy-egg'
I'm eating a goog.
by Christop November 12, 2003
30 24
To suck all of the jizz out of a dick.
Dude, jill totally googed me last night! It was sick!
by James Larkin December 18, 2010
12 9
look it up on Googs
by 917special June 14, 2011
32 30
A Chelsey Gazzola.
Wow man, you just macked a goog
by Ryan Bozak July 27, 2011
3 2
(n.) using Google to search a subject or person.
"I had to give that restaurant a googs last night! It looks amazing!"
by Whyamidoingthis May 09, 2014
0 0
When something is really bad/weird etc, but it's still amazing it is "goog"
Hey, lemme show you this song, but I'm warning you, it's goog.

Alright, lemme listen, I love things that are goog!
by marniet March 05, 2012
2 2