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A sacred phrase used by the ancient Gugus from the Gugu Empire (1295-836 BCE), in present day Gugindia. This phrase, primarily was only known to the Gugu elite class, and was shortly spread amongst the Googswazee (peasants, farmers, merchants). "Googs and Doogs" was a battle cry used in war during times of social and political disorder. It helped enhance the moraels of fellow Gugu warriors, but only if it was screamed to the Gugu gods. There is no literal translation for this phrase. "Googs and Doogs" is still used today, but only by a small tribe hidden in the Gugalayas Mouuntains in Gugindia.

Warrior1: "Help me, I'm dying..."
Warrior2: "Everyone get over here, we need to issue a battle cry for young Gugswaga!"
(All warriors get together)
Together: "GOOGS AND DOOGS!!!!"
(Gugswaga get up, feeling energized, and ready to fight!)
by Master Gugswagalaga February 02, 2011
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