1. A person who is extremely talented at finding things on Google. They know all the search operators, how to modify any term to get the perfect result, and can generally find anything with twice the relevance in half the time.

2. A list of things one needs to search for (or has found) on Google. Usually capitalised in this sense.
1. "She's the unofficial googlist on the mailing list."

2. "Send me your Googlist and I'll see what I can find."
by Etymological July 18, 2005
Top Definition
1. One who is devoted to Google. A Googlist has achieved enlightenment on the fact that Google has conquered the online world. A Googlist will often try to get you to use Google's services such as Gmail and install programs such as Google Talk when you aren't looking.
Cheeto: That's odd, I found 3 more programs by Google on my computer this morning.
W00kie: I betcha that was Ne0nguy, he is our local Googlist.
Ne0nguy: hehehe
W00kie: *sighs* he even added the definition of Googlist to Urban Dictionary
Ne0nguy: Have you heard of the new Google Talk update?
by Ne0nguy October 01, 2006
One who believes in Google.
Steve is a Googlist, and claims to have had numerous personal experiences communicating with Google.
by Ruhbee! October 13, 2007
A person that worships Google
Tom Cruise should quit Scientology and become a Googlist
by mikeejimbo July 13, 2006
A person who conforms to Googlism
Eric: I don't why you're using Bing. Microsoft doesn't stand a chance with Google. "If it isn't Google, it isn't anything"

Angie: I can see that you are a hardcore Googlist.
by CopperWhopper67 January 23, 2015
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