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Goofing off on Searching random things, reading blogs, and all around wasting time on Google searches instead of doing another possibly more important activity.
Well, if we don't have any work to do, I guess we get to Google Off today.

What did you do all day, Google Off?

Are you Googling Off or working?
by BRileyD August 26, 2011
A contest in which participants race to see who can find the answer first by searching Google.
Person 1: What does superfluous mean?
Person 2: I don't know, let's have a Google Off!
by WebDoc July 10, 2007
A spontaneous competition usually held in an open-office environment where someone happens to pose a random, trivia-like question and everyone who heard it tries to be the first to answer it using Google.
"What is the capital of Zaire?"
"I don't know but it sounds like a Google-Off question to me!"
by CamC May 14, 2007
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