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The act of using Google to find answers to everyday problems or intricate problems such as homework.
Student A: "Did you find out the answer to question 6 on the homework"?
Student B: " Give me a minute"
Student A: "Ok"
Student B: "The answer is 117, thanks to my Google magic"
Student A: "I could have done that..."
by Sevrynheads October 21, 2011
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Search it on Google and trust me it will be found. Even your name and profile, anything you want.
Person A: "Yo, what's the address to the store near you?"
Person B: "I don't know, Googlemagic that sh*t."
Person A: "Googlemagic? HUH?"
Person B: "Google lol... what else."
by pepliz May 31, 2013
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