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A Googlefart is a fart that appears to search out victims. Normally a Googlefart will attack you when you enter someones bedroom first thing in the morning or perhaps it will be lurking in a lift / elevator waiting for its next victim

Watch out ! Some cunt's dropped a googlefart in that lift.
by Terry T November 28, 2006
A mental block of the search term one meant to query Google.
I stared at the screen as a google fart prevented me from typing.
by walden3 April 20, 2010
the sound made when receiving a GoogleTalk message.
"I wasn't at my computer, but I heard a Googlefart so I checked to see who sent me a message."
by mattpoin October 02, 2007
1. Someone or something that is acting ignorant or silly.

2. Someone or something that is goofing off.
Hey, stop being a google fart!
by Young KBB November 17, 2007