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A social networking site launched by Google. It can be used by those who have Gmail accounts without a new username and a password. It means no setup is required to operate the site; it automatically follows the people you email and chat with the most in Gmail.You can share your ideas to the whole world or to your intimate friends only. It has a mechanism of inbox integration whereby comments are sent right to your inbox, so it helps keep conversation going. The photo-friendly mechanism allows you to see thumbnails with each post and browse full-screen photos from popular sites. You can import your stuff from Twitter, Picasa, Flickr and Google Reader. I-phone users can also easily use it.
Google buzz is likely to be a strong rival of Facebook and Myspace in the days to come.
by uttam maharjan February 10, 2010
Google Buzz is the future of the internets. It' a social networking service integrated into Gmail that combines features from Google Wave, Orkut, FriendFeed, and Twitter.
Robert Scoble is going to Google Buzz you later.

Samsung is a really web-savvy company because they were the first brand to Google Buzz.

Mikey is kind of lame for breaking up with Jenna over Google Buzz.
by Buzzing Soul February 10, 2010