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When you aren't sure of an answer to a question, you Google the shit out of it to ascertain the answer
Joe: Was Vincent D'onofrio in Mystic Pizza or Full Metal Jacket first?
Toby: Mystic Pizza.
Joe: No way.......I think Full Metal Jacket came out first!
Toby: I am going to Google the shit out of it, and you'll owe me dinner at Oreganos when you're wrong.
by Sassygurrrrrrl December 06, 2009
To excessively google andy topic, word, phrase, person, that you need to find out information about.
Hey bro,

Whats the name of that website were you add new words to a dictionary.

I dont know cuz, googletheshitoutofit
by Professor Spendsers December 10, 2009
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