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A phrase used in response to someone whining about not being able to find something on Google.

An expert googler would then show some resemblance of pity and assist by immediately googling for the desired information successfully.
Dude, I don't know what it means to kill two frogs with one dart, and I can't freakin find the definition on google!

Google harder you idiot...
#google #googler #googling #search #harder
by attifinch May 05, 2011
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A retort best used to embarrass an obvious, overcompensating ass.

Can be combined with slang to form a more vulgar and effective insult.
Thom- It reminded me of a Coen Brothers movie.

ASS- (After moments of Googling) Always been a fan of theirs. Since they first came out with Raising Arizona.

#google #harder #ass #slang #coen brothers
by jura_ June 29, 2009
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