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A phrase used in response to someone whining about not being able to find something on Google.

An expert googler would then show some resemblance of pity and assist by immediately googling for the desired information successfully.
Dude, I don't know what it means to kill two frogs with one dart, and I can't freakin find the definition on google!

Google harder you idiot...
by attifinch May 05, 2011
Usage: A more unique way to say the highly overused "killing two birds with one stone."
Origin: Truly legendary members of native tribes that inhabit the lush rainforests of this planet have been rumored to possess the incredible ability of being able to kill multiple frogs with a single blowgun dart from exactly the right angle.
We can kill two frogs with one dart by doing that biochemical experiment!

With her blowgun, the hunter killed two poison dart frogs with a poisonous dart that was coated in poison from poison dart frogs.
by AttiFinch April 12, 2011
Someone who works as a prostitute but still somehow manages to exemplify the characteristics of a true slut.
She's such a slustitute! She works 8 hours a day as a prostitute and then sleeps with at least 3 different guys every night after work.
by AttiFinch May 02, 2011
A smoking break; smoke break; to smoke.

A phrase used to ask someone if they wanna go for a smoking break with you (in a cooler way).

Used to combat the notion that smoking breaks are 100% negative occasions, since the respiratory therapy they offer is often more than 100% beneficial to the recipient.
Andy: "Hey Chris, RT?"

Chris: "Sure, I'm totally down for some respiratory therapy right now."

Tom: "You two do realize the lung cancer risks right?"

Andy: "Are you kidding me? Respiratory therapy (RT) is totally good for you."

Chris: "Yup RT'ing 2-3 times a day actually improves your mental health and sharpness."
by AttiFinch May 15, 2011
A blatantly terrible and profoundly unsatisfying definition that makes you wonder how in the world it got accepted in the first place.

One theory is that there are two populations of Urban Dictionary editors with ingrained muscle memories that cause them to continuously click either publish or don't publish so much that even if they wanted to deviate from their tradition, their impulse takes over and a great opportunity is squandered.

Accidental Urban Dictionary publications are clearly a result of those editors that love to click publish rather than don't publish nonstop.

The opposite of accidental Urban Dictionary publications is difficult to define, since the poor people who submitted those definitions probably deserved to have their exquisitely clever definitions published but received a rejection email anyway due to judges who couldn't change their clicking pattern fast enough for one good definition in a string of bad ones.
Urban Dictionary Editor 1: Oops my muscle memory caused me to accidentally click don't publish for that definition I liked.

Urban Dictionary Editor 2: It's ok, what you just did is compensated by the fact that editors allow accidental Urban Dictionary publications through all the time.
by attifinch June 11, 2011
A moped with a driver who completely disregards traffic laws and conventions, often exhibiting the following behaviors:
1. weaving between the bumpers and sides of idle and/or moving vehicles without warning and regard for large vehicles with blind spots
2. traveling against the flow of traffic, often barely avoiding head-on collisions
3. as patience runs thin, sometimes even transitioning to sidewalks and threatening innocent pedestrians
4. failing to wear and provide helmets to their passengers
5. completely ignoring traffic lights, signs, and road markings
6. a plethora of other exquisite examples that those of you who have encountered suicidal mopeds can surely think of

Suicidal mopeds are commonly found in densely populated urban areas in countries such as China and India.
The truck driver swerved barely in time to avoid crashing head-on into a suicidal moped carrying a mother and her child. He still sideswiped the moped though, so he still paid them as much cash as he had, even though he was lawfully traveling in the right lane/direction and under the speed limit.
by attifinch June 11, 2011

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