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One who excessively uses Google software and services, such as Gmail, Google Talk and Google Groups.
John: Yesterday I posted in my blog about how I Gmailed my friend a link to a thread I posted in Google Groups last week about mapping Google fans in Australia through Google Earth.
Jim: Shut up you fucking Google whore!
by aeSentinel May 12, 2007
someone who is peculiarly enthusiastic about google and/or google products.

sometimes referred to as a "goog-whore" for short
"Hey guys, I just got the new Google Wave beta!"
"Pfffft, what a google whore"
by sakhai November 13, 2009
Some one who relys on google for everything,
1.)Hes such a google whore hes on google all the time

by grumpy567 December 14, 2008
A Google Whore is a person or company who does everything humanly possible to make sure their web site is the first to be displayed in Google search results when a user does a search on a specific subject. Microsoft is known to be a Google Whore, as well as many other companies and individuals.
An example of Microsoft being a Google Whore: Type "update" into Google and Microsoft's Windows Update will be the first link to be displayed.
by Obscured September 02, 2005
One who obsessively google's one's self, or searches the google for any reference of their name or likeness for the sole purpose of booting one's ego. Especially when sharing said results with others.
Fabian's such the google whore that he takes time every week to mention all the new things he saw that week while googling his self.
by BillyLO June 08, 2009
Someone who looks everything up on Google.
When asked a question a googlewhore will immedietly open up a internet browser to search it on google.
I rely on google for everthing, therfore I am a googlewhore.
by idareyoukitty July 25, 2006
~google whores

people that will post on a forum the same thing to almost any question,

"go search google"

it dont matter if they know the answer or not.

this then can make also be a waste of time if the person has already searched google.
:forum newb:
hey were can i find a tutorial on c++ or vb6.

:admin of c++ and vb6 forum:
go search google

:forum newb:
hey does anyone know were i can find a linux distro?

:linux forum mod: google.
by pureone September 25, 2004
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