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Type in porn in google and beat one off to the top hit. Everyday it will be something different and you will have tons of variety in your love life!
I had a google wank over today
by Kingy January 20, 2004
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Masturbation engaged in using a google image search to get pictures.
Man, i was horny last night so i searched 'Lesbian' and had a mad googlewank.
by viscousfluid July 19, 2008
To quickly search the web for facts, rumors, or opinions that bolster your argument, ignoring any pages that rebut your argument. Usually done when losing an online debate.
A: "Therefore, the President's plan is doomed to failure."
...long, long pause...
B: "But in 1986, economists praised a similar plan."
A: "Is a googlewank the best you can do?"
by Sue D. Nymme December 15, 2005

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