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A strategy used to conceal ignorance in a debate when unable to answer a question by deferring to a Google search as "proof" that a good answer exists.
Google Punting is an intellectually lazy way out of an argument. In essence, it is an admission of defeat by saying "I don't know, and I'm unable to put together an intelligent argument, but someone else probably could. Plus, this is great because I'm forcing you to do all the work, while implying that you're the lazy one (not me) because you couldn't look it up yourself. And, if you're stupid enough to do it, it's even better because if you find something that disproves my point I can counter with 'hey, I didn't say that', or 'you're just cherry-picking' *and* send you back searching for the 'real' answer".
by FigurinOutLife September 30, 2012
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