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One of the pernicious consequences of the internet is that people are free to make sweeping statements to large audiences without actually substantiating their claims, notions, or repetitions of urban myths. Such poor construction of a position usually results from a combination of ideology, prejudice, and ignorance.

The first two are difficult to address, but ignorance can be remedied by some basic self-education, and specifically, by research. To this end, the most popular internet mechanism is to use the well-known search engine, Google. The term "Google goggles" is an alliterative/consonant reference to the process of improving the clarity of one's understanding by the simple trick of typing some key words into a search engine - and learning!
Jonathan was completely clueless about how much oil was left underground around the planet. Had he put on his Google goggles, he might have understood that contrary to his claims otherwise, the concept of Peak Oil was in fact very accurate, and completely supported by the best data and analyses available.
by Autumn Mandrake December 22, 2011
When you Google one thing after another to the point where you're glazed over and on subjects that had nothing to do with your starting search, you're wearing Googlegoggles.
Suzy started out Googling "retard" and is now staring at pictures of Yorkshire Terriers. She's got her Googlegoggles on again!
by RoverWords April 05, 2012
An application which throws up irrelevant results when you scan your penis with it.
Fuck off Google Goggles,my cock is bigger than a pencil.

WTF?What does an aurora picture have to do with a penis?Goggles is shit.
by Eboue singh January 21, 2012
When You place your scrotum over a girls eyelids (or open eyes depending on how she likes it) while she gives you head. This may be harder to men with smaller penises because it has to go around her nose and into her mouth.

(google is just a dorky way of saying penis)
My friend gave his girlfriend the google goggles with her eyes open! now thats loving devotion!
by Philopean September 11, 2006
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