Tyler Drew Ward. A child with tourettes and spaztic capblites. He is somewhat adorable . But crazy goofy.
Tyler: Yay! my plan worked!
Me: Goofy (:
by lelebabiii November 12, 2011
Masturbating with your non-dominant hand.
That crazy mofo polishes goofy style.
by cheechoo May 13, 2008
being under the influence of marijuana.
damn, i'm gettin pretty goofy off this chronic.
by Jayizzle12345 September 17, 2009
A weird, retarted person. Usually a skinny blonde girl.
See Emily Cook. "Hi, my name is Emily Cook. I'm retarted!"
by Pwnage February 14, 2005
sugar on your porridge
I like goofy on my porridge
by PaulWales68 December 07, 2005
mostly directed towards Nathan Antonio Brun.
A gay Youth That Lives At 151 bonaventure Unit#62 London Ontario Canada.
Hey guys do u kno that goofy ass kid in bono.
by White Powerrrrr November 16, 2008
gay, homosexual,
wow that guy over there is goofy. he does men
by mark December 28, 2003

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