An adjective for those odd, opinionated, and inevitably, yet tolerably, awkward members of social circles that straddle the line between love and hate more than about any other stereotype. Usually caught up in some form of bizarre fashion motif, be it contrasting, bright colors or some retro gig and always outspoken on everything from their latest underground music that no one else is privy to or how some radical politician is doing, these eccentric types are usually very well endowed in intellectual type intelligence, but completely lacking in common sense.
That goofy hippie libertarian is still going off about how he couldn't understand why all the hippies at the Phish show were pissed he was raving about a republican candidate
by 1ntr1gue January 13, 2008
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A zany, dog-type character from Disney cartoons. He lives in the same realm as Mickey Mouse.
Pluto and Goofy were both dogs, but while Goofy lived like a human (owned a house, raised a family), Pluto was merely a regular pet, incapable of speaking. And he was owned my a mouse, no less!
by Diggity Monkeez March 11, 2005
A skateboarding stance, where you stand with your right foot at the front and put with you left foot and set it on the back of the board.
Eric Koston skates goofy.
by sheckyfan January 25, 2005
Drug dealer slang for an ignorant customer. They are uneducated on quality, what the correct amount should look like, prices, etc., and are easily tricked into agreeing to whatever the dealer tells them. A goofy that keeps coming back for more is a dealer's wet dream.
"Bruh that last guy I sold to was a straight up goofy, dude just spent $40 on half a G of mids!"
by reb_mccuster September 24, 2014
Chicago term for a lame or a snitch.
Aye bro that goofy ass nigga snitched on us.
by yvng.fresh.prince May 08, 2016
Groupies who seek the company of male standup comedians. True to form, they are usually fairly goofy looking.
I haven't been laid since I started doing standup comedy,aside from a few random goofies. I gotta learn how to play guitar!
by TheDez April 29, 2007
a goof ball, a doofus, a foolish person
he's goofy to the max. Goofius Maximus.
by Anonymous November 08, 2002
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