Noun: A total embarrassment.

A goofenbocker is a person who excels in such traits as intoxicated flirtation with the waitress, over-competitiveness in non-competitive gaming, and an overall obliviousness to all actions. In summary, goofenbocker usually thinks, in his own head, that he is the coolerbocker. It is customary to elect a Goofenbocker of the day to the person who most exemplifies these characteristics.

Regional note: In New England and parts of Canada a goofenbocker is sometimes referred to as a goofenbacker.

Etymology: From the German phrase "Gesamte Verlegenheit Gūfenbaachūr"
I can't believe that goofenbocker gave me a high five after doing push-ups on the bocce ball court while singing "Eye of the Tiger."
by Maurice Dowdry November 26, 2009

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