Penis, usually associated with words like veiny, pulsating, meaty and throbbing, used to describe the size and detailed essence of a large penis. Originally was used to describe a famous horse, Sampson.
Sampson has a veiny, throbbing, meaty, pulsating goodness.
by Keniz November 06, 2006
Top Definition
One of the Fruits of the Holy Spirit. A visible attribute of a true Christian life as found in Galatians 5:22-23.

The state or quality of being good. Moral excellence; virtue.
"For the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness and righteousness and truth". Ephesians 5:9
by LoveLight November 10, 2012
1.To imply that something is good,nice,tight

2.Anything that causes happiness or joy

3.Anything that is good
1.These ribs is the goodness heard Ludacris new album? yeah what you know bout that goodness?
by B. Azquezvay February 10, 2004
The pinching or poking of one's ticklish or tender areas; preferably the sides.
An unpleasant old woman who pinches others roughly, while saying "goodness" in a high pitched "granny" sounding voice.
by Rovrin November 20, 2006
Power ups,extra lives in games etc...
"Keep going mate, there's some goodness ahead."
by Big Jim (now thin) Clarke July 10, 2008
the measure of how good something is
trevor's kick in soccer was goodness
by T-dawg Mckenzie September 06, 2010
goodness a hillin way to say good
these imscents are goodness
by sam November 05, 2003
Being more good than good.
That head shot was goodness, man.
by SuperblyAwesome July 11, 2003
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